Saucony Creek Brewing Company    

Thu Jan 24, 2013

The Saucony Creek Brewing Company is a start-up microbrewery in Kutztown, Berks County.  Partnering with the Schuylkill Action Network, they have developed the Stonefly India Pale Ale.  Portions of each sale will be donated to restoration funds benefitting the Schuylkill River.

Join supporters of the Schuylkill Action Network at Grace Tavern in Philadelphia on June 7 at 5:30 p.m. as they support the Schuylkill Action Network, the new beneficiary of Saucony Creek Brewing Company’s Stonefly IPA.  A portion of the profits from the sale of this environment-themed beer will fund new restoration projects benefitting Southeast Pennsylvania’s Schuylkill River Valley.  This, in turn, will improve the Delaware Estuary given how the Schuylkill River is the largest source of fresh water draining to the tidal Delaware River and Bay.  Please click here for details, or contact Tom Davidock.


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