Glendower Breach Restoration Project    

Tue Jan 4, 2011


In early December 2010, the Schuylkill Headwaters Association (SHA) completed construction of the Glendower Breach Restoration Project.  This project restored a pond breach along the West Branch Schuylkill River, preventing legacy sediment from entering the stream and negatively affecting water quality.

Several years prior, heavy flooding caused the pond to breach, which diverted water that was once piped into the stream into a newly carved and eroded channel.  This water was flowing directly through a small valley filled with coal sediment and causing further erosion of culm banks (mine spoil areas).

The Glendower Breach Restoration Project involved redirecting the stream, through a riprap waterway, back into its original stream channel. Eroded areas, including the stream channel created by the flood, were filled with material from the site.  To stabilize banks and prevent further erosion at the site, all disturbed and eroded areas were sloped and vegetated.

This project was funded by a grant received from the Schuylkill River Restoration fund (funded by Exelon and the Philadelphia Water Department).   An in-kind donation was received from Reading Anthracite in the form of large rip-rap stone, which involved over 1,700 tons of stone valued at over $31,000.  SHA also received an AMD / AML Reclamation Award from EPCAMR and the Anthracite Independent Power Producers Association (ARIPPA) as a cash match towards the project.  Construction work was completed by Lloyd Aungst Excavating. 

By re-establishing the stream into its original channel, water no longer makes contact with coal sediment, therefore reducing contamination into the stream.  The restoration of the Glendower Breach decreases the volume of polluted water and improves the water quality of the West Branch Schuylkill River.


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